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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the CDA 2030 project?
A: CDA 2030 is comprehensive visioning process designed to engage the entire community in creating a new long-range vision for greater Coeur d'Alene. CDA 2030 will also create a detailed action plan to help ensure that community priorities established in the vision are achieved.

Q: What is 'visioning'? What is a vision and an action plan?
A: Visioning is a planning process through which a community creates a shared vision for its future - and plans to achieve it. Think of the vision as the community's preferred 'destination' - a place where it would like to be in the future. Think of an action plan as a vision 'roadmap' - how the community intends to get there over time.

Q: How does the CDA 2030 project define 'greater Coeur d'Alene'?
A: Greater Coeur d'Alene is broadly defined as the city of Coeur d'Alene and surrounding areas - although this is not determined by a specific geographic boundary. People who work, study, recreate, socialize, invest and believe in greater Coeur d'Alene but who do not live in the city proper are considered to be part of its future vision.

Q: Who 'owns' the CDA 2030 vision and plan?
A: The CDA 2030 vision and plan will be 'owned' by the community with a number of business, government, education, civic and community-based partners involved in plan funding and implementation. The number of organizations on the CDA 2030 Community Advisory Committee (45 and counting) is a good indicator that this broad ownership is already developing.

Q: How is the CDA 2030 project funded and supported?
A: Members of the CDA 2030 Project Coordination Group have made major commitments of financial support to fund the project budget. Other organizations and individuals have made additional smaller financial contributions. And a number of organizations have contributed significant in-kind resources. These contributions add up to strong public support for the project.

Q: How long will the CDA 2030 project take?
A: The visioning process concluded one year from its inception - on July 2014. The project then reorganized to help develop and promote the execution of the CDA 2030 Implementation Plan.

Q: How will the community be involved in the CDA 2030 visioning process?
A: The community as a whole will contribute to the creation of a long-range vision and near-term action plan. Citizen input will be gathered in a variety of ways including through public events and forums, community workshops, opinion surveys and web-based surveys, social media, citizen working groups, open houses and community presentations.

Q: How can I get involved?
A: Get involved as an implementation Lead Partner or resource, sign up as an outreach volunteer at community events, join our contact list to keep informed, and/or invest in-kind and financial resources. Please contact CDA 2030 for more detailed information.

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