CDA 2030

A Bright Future. Together.

How Did We Get Here?

In November 2000, a group of concerned citizens was formed to ask the community about its vision for greater Coeur d'Alene for the next 20 years. Completed in 2001, the CDA 2020 visioning project involved community meetings, surveys, and a public open house.

Community input resulted in a document entitled, Our Community's Vision, Values, and Goals, focused on the next 20 years. This document provided a framework and focus for community action.

Today, many of the CDA 2020 goals have been realized: new public art, a revitalized downtown, diversified educational and job opportunities, open space preservation, a community center and public pool, and more.

At the same time, other CDA 2020 goals remain unrealized or unfinished. A lot has changed since 2001. There are new challenges - and opportunities - for greater Coeur d'Alene that were not addressed or foreseen in the original vision.

Today, CDA 2030 has updated our community's original vision, responding to the many changes that have occurred since 2001. Building on previous efforts, we have learned what citizens today want for the future of greater Coeur d'Alene going forward.

CDA 2030 has relied on community input gathered from a new generation of residents through meetings, surveys and workshops, a website and social media to help determine our community's visions, goals, and priorities.

CDA 2030 is committed to continually creating real plans that identify concrete strategies and actions, community partners who are willing to take them on, and the resources necessary to achieve our community's vision.

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