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East Sherman District Revitalization Plan

Based on community input and feedback from the East Sherman Leadership Committee, the planning document for East Sherman has been updated thanks to the help of Community Builders’ subconsultant, Cheney Bostic of Studio Seed.

The East Sherman District Revitalization Plan is a “DRAFT” (it hasn’t been adopted or formally accepted by City Council yet).  One of the changes you may notice is that the title has been updated to East Sherman District Revitalization Plan so that it wouldn’t be confused with master planning documents that are commonly part of urban renewal evaluations and because it doesn’t include detailed design or engineering drawings.

The goal is to schedule meetings/study sessions with the Leadership Committee, Planning Commission and City Council in early 2020 to review the revitalization plan and begin moving forward with implementation.

Performing Arts Center Market and Feasibility Study
The Performing Arts Center Market and Feasibility Study was prepared by HVS Convention, Sports & Entertainment Facilities Consulting in September 2018. The study assesses the feasibility of developing a state-of-the-art performing center in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The study was facilitated by CDA 2030 and funded by ignite cda.

Vision for the Health Corridor 

The Vision for the Health Corridor report was prepared by a Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) of the Idaho District Council of the Urban Land Institute. The TAP was facilitated by CDA 2030 and sponsored by Kootenai Health and Parkwood Business Properties.  

Community Return on Investment Report
The Community Return on Investment Report shares examples of both the quantitative and qualitative values that CDA 2030 has added to the community. In addition to graphic breakdowns of our action item progress as reported by our Lead Partners, sponsor donations, and the community capitals to which CDA 2030 contributes, this ROI also includes an action spotlight from each of our six vision focus areas as well as a list of extra values that CDA 2030 has added compared to a basic strategic plan.

Vision Project Community Engagement & Input
Community Engagement & Input summarizes the data collection processes and participants involved in the creation of the overarching vision, six focus area visions, vision strategies, and Implementation Plan from July 2013-July 2014. 

Focus Area Data Snapshots
The Focus Area Data Snapshots shares basic statistical data collected for each of the six vision focus areas.  These snapshots were provided to help inform the conversation at the Community Vision Summit on November 16.  For snapshots by focus area please select from the following: Community & Identity, Education & Learning, Environment & Recreation, Growth & Development, Health & Safety, and Jobs & Economy.

Community Opinion Leader Interviews
Community Opinion Leader Interviews are testimonies from individuals considered to be Opinion Leaders; community leaders whose perspectives and opinions are highly regarded by their peers and the wider community. These interviews served several purposes including to familiarize Interviewees with the visioning process; to gather ideas and suggestions on the implementation of the process; to help define the structure of the emerging vision and its specific focus areas; and to augment responses to key process questions gathered through general public outreach and a scientific community survey. Community Opinion Leaders responded under the condition that their names would not be associated with their answers. Therefore, the responses have been scrambled and are in no particular order of interviewee.

Project Validation Study Report
The Project Validation Study Report shares key information and raw frequencies gathered from CDA 2030's Validation Survey conducted by Robinson Research.  From June 30, 2014 through July 21, 2014, a 400-sample size of community members participated this survey to test a variety of projects that could be undertaken in greater Coeur d’Alene. For more information about the survey and results, please reference Frequencies.

Community Values Survey Report
The Community Values Survey Report shares key information and raw frequencies gathered from CDA 2030's Community Survey which was conducted by the University of Idaho's Social Science Research Unit.  From July 29-September 4, community members participated in a telephone survey sharing their perspectives on the future of our community. For more information about the survey and results, please reference Appendix A: Survey Instrument, Appendix B: Pre-Calling Postcard, Appendix C: Tabular Results, and Appendix D: Open-Ended Responses.

Community Vision Summit Summary
The Community Vision Summit Summary shares key information gathered from CDA 2030's Community Vision Summit which was held Saturday, November 16.  Over 125 participants engaged in reviewing key information and vision ideas collected from the community, affirmed a statement of core community values, worked on an overarching vision for greater Coeur d'Alene, and developed vision and strategies for specific focus areas.  The end results- a draft overarching vision statement and framework for an action plan. This report summarizes the event results within six vision focus areas of discussion by focus area.


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